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In-Vehicle Hardware

With over 30 years’ experience, TouchStar is internationally recognised as the market leader in solutions for the Fuel Logistics market.

Thanks to our decades of experience and totally agnostic approach towards hardware and operating systems, we can assist you to construct the most appropriate solution for your specific operation and strategic objectives.

Many of our devices conform to ATEX specification, making them a natural choice for operation within hazardous environments.

Featured Product

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TouchStar TS3300 Android Tablet


The TouchStar TS3300 is built with three key design principles in mind: durability, safety and ease of use.

We know things get dropped, so the TS3300 can take a beating and still perform. That’s why every single component is housed in an ultra-shock-absorbent rubber matrix. No external boot or bumper – its rugged from the inside out.

Suitable even for the most rigorous use in the most extreme conditions, the TS3300 provides full protection against dust, water and oil ingress and is fully compliant with the ATEX IECEx directive, allowing safe use even in potentially explosive environments.

Unique magnetic cradle assists in guidance, positioning & docking of in-vehicle device.