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Handling the interchange of information in an efficient and timely manner, TouchStar’s middleware product provides the link between POD applications and Back Office Systems. The middleware environment integrates additional functionality from a number of sources, enhancing and consolidating all applications in one convenient location.

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Cloud Based Platform

Hosted in the cloud, it is based upon standard Microsoft platforms and development components. Fuel distributors have the assurance that key issues such as data security, system reliability and redundancy, OS backward compatibility and upgrade paths are all addressed automatically through our alignment with the World’s leading software developer.


Developed specifically for the FuelStar application, the communications level facilitates the transfer of tasks, data and files between the back office and devices in the field.

Task and Data Management

Middleware consolidates back office tasks and orders into a user friendly format. These tasks are synchronised with drivers in the field utilising the FuelStar application.

The task management portal facilitates access for various profiles that can include not only the host company but 3rd party contractors, drivers and clients as well. Authorised users have the ability to allocate tasks to specified users in addition to tracking their progress through to completion.

Enhancing the availability of operationally beneficial data, facilitates the storage of documentation, images and user specific details against individual’s customers, drivers or equipment. It also provides the mechanism for integration to other ancillary systems such as routing, telematics, account and the host ERP.

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