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Telematics / Driver Behaviour

Due to the high cost of managing a fleet of vehicles many businesses are becoming increasingly interested in looking at driver behaviour as a method of reducing fleet costs. TouchStar’s solution not only incorporates electronic proof of delivery and vehicle tracking but can also include detailed telematics information which includes driver behaviour.

The TouchPC on-board computer has a direct link to the CANbus of the vehicle enabling detailed CANbus information to be reported. The solution can report on driving styles such as, harsh braking, harsh acceleration, speeding and idling time. Enabling businesses to keep on top of how economically and safely its vehicles are being driven.

Key Features

  • Real time reporting
  • Driver behaviour reporting which includes, harsh braking, harsh accelerating, idling, speeding.
  • Connection to the CANbus
  • Ranked driver behaviour report
  • Connection to the tacho
  • Driver behaviour alerts

Business Benefits

  • Driver education
  • Fuel saving as a result of improved driving style
  • Reduced wear and tear on the vehicle
  • Driver safety
  • Reduced carbon emissions
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