This section houses white papers and other thought leadership pieces. These papers are designed to give best practice guidance on how to utilise technology to optimise your operation.
The Future of Downstream

The Future of Downstream

04 August 2023

There are three topics that are being discussed a lot in our industry right now. They are decarbonisation, collaboration and digitalisation. But what does this mean for us, and how can you get involved? Read more to find out.  Read More >>

Solving emissions in logistics

Solving emissions in logistics

28 January 2020

According to the green campaigners Business for Social Responsibility, freight makes up around 15% of the world’s energy demand. It’s therefore easy to see why it’s under pressure to do its part to meet targets to reduce emissions and fossil fuel consumption. The Paris Agreement is of course stimulating change and there are numerous initiatives, existing and new, aimed at reducing the dependency on fossil fuels. There is some focus on cutting emissions through efficiency – streamlined lorries, speed limiters, and using technology for more efficient route planning are just a few of the options that are more common-place for road transport and logistics. But while these all have merit, campaigners say that going further on less fuel is not going to solve the problem globally, which covers road, air, rail and sea. Instead it requires a more radical approach to reach carbon neutrality, i.e. renewable cleaner energy, biodiesel fuels and electric vehicles.  Read More >>

Technology Trends (4): Next generation wireless

Technology Trends (4): Next generation wireless

08 May 2019

Next generation wireless technology is just around the corner, with major 5G network deployments expected to be rolled out by 2020 promising faster and more reliable connections. 5G technology will dramatically enhance connectivity across networks, and also have a significant impact on the subject of one of our earlier Technology Trends: The Internet of Things (IoT) Read More >>

Meeting the oil and gas challenge 2017

2017 Business Challenges

21 December 2016

The last 12 months has seen some of the toughest conditions for the oil and gas industry in recent memory. Technology can help to streamline downstream operations.  Read More >>

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