06 December 2018

Common fleet management problems and how to avoid them

Monitoring the progress of bulk logistics delivery is not without its challenges. Short of accompanying each and every one of your drivers on their drops, can you really keep on top of every snag, blind spot and pressure point that can affect the efficiency of your service? Not without a logistics optimisation solution capable of addressing some of the most common bulk delivery fleet management problems. We’ve taken a closer look.

Unreliable tracking data

Your drivers need up-to-the-minute map and route information through which to negotiate the complexities of the field, and you need a robust GPS tracking signal in order to oversee their movements. Relying on mapping data that’s anything less than real-time means risking being blindsided by road closures, accidents and traffic build up, while incremental issues like GPS drift and patchy signal coverage can soon accumulate and create noticeable delays.

Tracking problems like these are more likely to cause you headaches if your business relies on separate tracking software. A single logistics management solution – including vehicle and driver tracking through powerful in-cab hardware – gives your drivers access to accurate, real-time mapping and job information in one place, and also gives you a reliable means of fleet supervision.   

Lack of insight about your drivers

The larger your fleet, the higher your rate of driver turnover. Continuous recruitment makes it difficult to monitor the performance of your drivers on an individual level, especially if you also rely on temporary staff to support busy periods. Yet, a good understanding of the strengths and weaknesses in your fleet team can help you make considerable gains. Data recorded by your drivers’ in-cab computers in the field can build a picture of the way they operate over time, enabling you to highlight poor driving habits, to ensure they take regular breaks from behind the wheel, to see where and when they may be losing time or facing repeated delays, and where extra training may be needed.  

Too much time spent on paperwork and reports

Traditional fleet management generates a huge paper trail; paperwork that can prevent you from the more important duties of ensuring your goods are reaching their destinations and that your clients are happy. Cross-referencing operational data from separate management systems in order to create reports is another unnecessary time cost that can keep you from your primary responsibilities.

A complete bulk logistics optimisation system makes it quick and easy to pull together and visualise real-time information that feeds into your business’s KPIs and objectives, accessible on any connected device. More complex delivery performance data can be drilled down into through automatically-generated, exportable reports, leaving you more time to work on areas for improvement.   

Complex compliance processes  

Safety for your drivers and the general public is of paramount importance for bulk logistics fleet managers. A presence on the roads comes with a responsibility to ensure your vehicles and the way they are driven comply with ever-evolving national laws and EU regulations. But, while safety compliance is an essential part of fleet management, it can be time-consuming and complicated. The process of ensuring vehicle compliance can be greatly simplified by the automatic reminders within a logistics management system. These can alert you in advance to tax, MOT and service dates for your vehicles, and enable your drivers to carry out and log vehicle inspections with the help of remote devices.

Effective fleet management in the bulk logistics industry is a bit of a juggling act, but it can be made much more straightforward with an optimisation system capable of relieving some of the role’s most recurring issues. Don’t let these monopolise your time, contact us today to find out more about how we can help you towards more efficient fleet management. 

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