30 July 2021

Data privacy and security: How robust are your systems?

Data is a highly valuable asset across countless sectors across the world, and the fuel logistics industry is no stranger to its importance.  

The supply chain industry relies on the communication of information and data, and if these become disrupted, vulnerable or insecure, it could lead to catastrophic consequences. Without robust and effective data privacy and security in place throughout a fuel logistics operation, businesses run the risk of severe data breaches which could lead to huge losses of revenue and reputational damage.  

We look at the importance of data privacy and security within fuel logistics, and how companies can best prepare and protect their operations with the support of a digital optimisation system.  


Fuel logistics organisations are dynamic operations, and their complex nature relies on several moving parts that could easily cause bottlenecks within the supply chain at any stage. Therefore, the role of data and its efficient and effective transfer is vital for the many cogs in the fuel logistics machine to work harmoniously.

Why is a secure data infrastructure important?

Without a sound and secure data infrastructure in place, fuel logistics companies could be vulnerable in several ways:

  • If data privacy and security are not properly protected, a fuel logistics company is left highly vulnerable to theft
  • An increased risk of being targeted by hackers
  • Important and sensitive data left vulnerable ·    
  • Increased likelihood of data breaches
  • Threat of reputational damage
  • Potential for staff redundancies or operational closure
  • Threat of damage to fleets

The role of a digital optimisation system

When it comes to safeguarding your data privacy and security, an effective digital optimisation system is key.

Outdated systems are relatively easy to infiltrate by hackers. Ensure the software used within your digital optimisation system is password protected, uses SSL certificates and a VPN.


Fleet managers need to be safe in the knowledge that their systems are trustworthy and reliable. Our Cloud-based system transfers only updated files, meaning that the reliable transmission of data is achieved even during instances of intermittent connectivity. This ensures that complete data is transferred safely, without delay and delivers peace of mind to fleet managers.

Informed decision making

The support of a digital optimisation system allows fleet managers to make well-informed, data-led decisions to maximise productivity, efficiencies, and your bottom line.

Eliminating data losses

Paperless and automated systems not only streamline operations, save time and money that would be otherwise be wasted searching for lost point of delivery (POD) paperwork, but eliminate the risk of documents containing key customer data being lost.

A paperless operation ensures data is logged, automated and tightens up security across fleets. With PODs instantly emailed to all relevant back-office personnel, operations are efficient and there is no risk of data being lost through the manual transfer of paperwork between depot and HQ.

A future-proofed system

TouchStar’s hosted services ensure your software is looked after and its effectiveness is maximised. Not only does a hosted solution take the strain away of relying on in-house expertise, but infrastructure management costs are also reduced, and guaranteed levels of security are provided.


While the safeguarding of data has always been paramount, this has been heightened by the introduction of GDPR regulations. It is vital that fuel logistics companies protect their data and effectively follow GDPR compliance procedures to avoid hefty fines.

The issue of data security is assisted by the Cloud-based software, as we adhere to the very strictest regulations to safeguard your data security.

Regular security updates

To keep your operation as robust as possible, it is vital that software releases and security updates are managed and implemented effectively. This is where TouchStar can help. We took the strategic decision, well ahead of Microsoft’s declared obsolesce deadlines to no longer support Windows CE, to move to Android. This OS is regularly updated each year, with monthly security patches issued by Android which are tested and rolled out across our devices.

Alongside this, we continually monitor and implement security fixes, and additional penetration testing can be carried out to ensure maximum security levels.

A well-managed and regularly updated digital optimisation system safeguards your logistics company and ensures it is receiving the very latest security updates to aid your operation. It also ensures your business is operating in line with the very latest technical updates and appropriate software available.

Ensure your logistics company data and security is as protected as possible with the support of an effective real-time digitally-based delivery system. To find out more about TouchStar’s fuel logistics solutions and, how they can keep your data infrastructure secure, please get in touch.  

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