19 May 2017

Defect reports: Saving time and boosting productivity

As all professional drivers and fleet managers will know, regular vehicle checks are an essential part of the logistics sector. It’s crucial that your vehicles are in tip-top, roadworthy condition at all times, as per the requirements of the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) – otherwise you could face large penalties and may even jeopardise the safety of your staff and other road users.

It’s acknowledged that proper vehicle checks do take time, but with TouchStar’s help your productivity needn’t be hindered. Our innovative vehicle inspection system is designed to help you stay compliant and even improve productivity with minimal fuss, allowing you to focus on serving your customers.

Defect reports, which allow drivers to raise any concerns at any point during their shifts, play a key part in this.

Vehicle checks and more

Compliancy vehicle checks are made at set intervals – usually at the start and end of each driver’s shift – but problems can develop and show at any time. It’s important, therefore, that drivers can report singular defects as and when they’re noticed, without having to go back through the full check list.

With defect reports available to fleet managers in real-time, it’s possible to book repairs in without any delay. It may be that a vehicle requires immediate attention, or that it needs to be seen once it returns – this can all be arranged as necessary, with the garage given the information it needs in advance to order necessary parts and set aside time for repair work. Damaged vehicles then spend less time on the road, making for a much safer, more efficient fleet!

More detail

A typical vehicle checklist will comprise standard points like tyre condition and pressure, along with lights, windscreens, linkages etc. But if something else happens to the vehicle, your drivers should have the ability to report it – otherwise these issues will go unnoticed.

TouchStar’s defect reporting system works similarly to the vehicle checklist but with fewer restrictions around what can be raised and when it can be done. Anything spotted by the driver can be noted and reported back to base so you can take the appropriate action.

More time to spend on your business

With TouchStar’s vehicle inspection and defect reporting system in place, the once drawn-out process of vehicle maintenance becomes much shorter. Defects are generally identified earlier, meaning they don’t have time to worsen while the vehicle is still being used, and repairs can be arranged immediately rather than when the vehicle eventually returns to base. As a result, you have more time to focus on keeping your customers satisfied and other core responsibilities.

TouchStar offers a range of technologies designed specifically for the logistics sector, all of which can work alongside our vehicle checking and defect reporting systems to help you maximise productivity and efficiency across your vehicle fleet. What’s more, we’re constantly developing our products to give you even better results.

To find out more about the solutions available, get in touch with our team of experts today.

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