11 May 2018

The true value of fleet data  

Data is crucial for most businesses these days, but some types of information are more valuable than others. For fleet managers, vehicle movement data is perhaps the most useful; when utilised properly, it can lead to better decisions, improved safety and some impressive cost reductions.  Below are some of the biggest benefits to consider if you’re thinking of implementing a new EPOD system across your fleet.

Smarter routing

It’s stating the obvious to say the more deliveries you can fit into one day, the bigger your profit margins will be - but optimising is easier said than done. One way to make long-term, sustainable improvements is to keep track of and use your drivers’ GPS data. By seeing where your vehicles are in real-time, and having access to comprehensive reports around the clock, you can make informed decisions about the order in which jobs are completed. And on the drivers that do them. It may be, for example, that an urgent job comes up and you need to know which driver is best positioned to complete it. Or your reports could highlight the roads that slow vehicles down most, allowing you to avoid them in future.

Easier regulatory compliance

The logistics sector is subject to constant regulatory changes, and staying on top of the latest rules can be tough. Fleet data, however, can help you stay compliant. With the right system in place, you can instantly monitor driver working hours and see how often each employee takes rest breaks. You’ll soon notice if someone is skipping breaks or taking too many, giving you the opportunity to address any issues before they cause further problems. Reports on vehicle usage will also help to ensure your fleet stays in tip-top shape, with accurate mileages to inform your service schedules.

Identify your workforce’s weak (and strong) links

An electronic proof-of-delivery (EPOD) system will provide detailed reports on driver work-rates, too. You’ll be able to determine your most valuable assets and identify those who need to work harder, and can then reward or address accordingly. Once your drivers know you’re using the EPOD system to collect data on their daily performance, they’ll be less likely to cut corners. You also have a chance to incentivise productivity, whether financially or in another way.

An overall better understanding

Gone are the days of having to simply trust that drivers will work, drive and behave in the way your business and its customers expect. The vehicle location data generated by an EPOD system gives you and your head-office staff a clear and easy-to-use picture of everything that happens out on the road. To find out more about the benefits of fleet data and EPOD for your business, and the systems available, get in touch with the TouchStar team today.

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