04 March 2024

Geofencing – a transformational Fuelstar feature 

Did you know that FuelStar has full geofencing functionality, built in as standard?  Geofencing involves using GPS technology to set virtual boundaries and enable systems to react to vehicles as they enter or leave the defined area. By tracking the transition in and out of an area, businesses have a transparent view of drivers and deliveries. This can be a very useful tool, helping to set and meet Customer expectations.   

Fuelstar can be configured to your exact requirements, but essentially, a virtual boundary is set up around a known delivery point.  Once the truck breaks into that boundary for its next scheduled delivery, an SMS can be sent automatically to your customer, giving notification that their delivery is on its way. The next step for the tracked vehicle can then be progressed by the client e.g. ensuring readiness for checking in and checking out. This yields additional efficiencies for your drivers as, for example, the time from arrival to commencing the pump-off is greatly reduced. Overall geofencing is a facility that optimises workflow and ensures an enhanced delivery experience for the customer.  

If you would like to know more, please contact our dedicated support team on 0161 874 5062 (0600 – 1800) for more information.  

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