07 May 2024


The rationale behind the creation of our new Mapping Console is identical to our wider development philosophy …. to maximise the amount of real-time information available within a single screen whilst ensuring that this data is accessible in a user-friendly format.

The console operates as a powerful stand-alone module within Fuelstar, allowing the planning office to identify operational bottlenecks in real-time and to plan re-routes accordingly.

The Mapping Console matches the wealth of client and order information contained within FuelStar with GPS technology to provide accurate real-time data on the geographical positioning of vehicles and LOB (Load on Board) status.

A full historical audit trail of any time period is visible including;

  • Driver Login
  • Trip Start
  • Loading Location & Per-Compartment Load Quantities
  • Delivery Location, Discharge Quantities and Compartment Offload figures
  • Trip End
  • Driver Log-Off

Specific filters can be applied to assist with easy and logical interpretation of the data. These filters include;

  • sorting of vehicles by Current Total LOB, Last seen, Driver Logon
  • excluding of vehicles with devices “logged off”
  • identification of vehicles closest to a particular Address/Postcode/Town/POI
  • advanced filtering of vehicles carrying specific products.

The available information can be utilised to optimise delivery processes. For example, ‘expected LOB’ data can be used to re-purpose the LOB to different deliveries.

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