12 June 2017

Using FuelStar for bottled products

With jobs changing from day to day, fuel delivery companies need versatility from their technologies. That’s exactly what FuelStar provides, as it can now be used to record deliveries of bottled products as well as conventional metered deliveries.

Whether you’re selling bottled fuel, additives or lubricants to your customers, FuelStar keeps accurate records of everything that happens during the delivery process, leaving you with the data you need to keep everything running smoothly and legitimately.

So how does FuelStar simplify the process for you and your drivers? Let’s take a closer look.

Flexible deliveries

We’re always developing our products to ensure they’re as effective as possible for users, and FuelStar is no exception. However, the fact that the system can now be used to record metered and bottled deliveries doesn’t necessarily mean you need to settle on one method at a time.

The delivery of packed goods can take place alone, or in combination with a metered product on an individual ticket. This means you can comfortably and efficiently deliver multiple products to the same customer without you or the customer needing to deal with separate orders. This means less administration and more time to dedicate elsewhere.

A simplified process

Our goal has always been to simplify the fuel delivery process for our customers, mostly by reducing admin and eliminating paperwork. FuelStar fits this objective perfectly, and can help in a number of ways.

When FuelStar is used for deliveries involving dedicated packed goods-only vehicles, its functionality is reduced to avoid confusion and keep things straightforward for the driver. Trip Start LOB information is supressed, for example, as well as Loading and Stock Transfer capabilities. The Meter Discharge screen is also never displayed, simply because it’s not needed. Together these changes reduce the chance of error while keeping your data accurate.

First-class hardware

TouchStar’s innovative electronic proof-of-delivery software, FuelPOD, is device-agnostic, meaning you can select the best hardware for your own business processes. It works perfectly on Windows, Android and iOS operating systems too, so it’s easy to introduce to staff who will no doubt already be familiar with one platform or another.

To find out more about how FuelStar – or any other of our solutions – could benefit your business, get in touch with the team today.

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