18 July 2019

What to look for in a digital bulk logistics solution

Going digital has the power to revolutionise a bulk logistics organisation from top to bottom. With benefits that go far beyond simply reducing paperwork, managing operations digitally can help a business boost efficiency, save money and generate invaluable business data insight. But, if you’re in the market for a digital optimisation system for your bulk logistics firm, what’s the best way to compare your options?

Some of the most beneficial and progressive digital features are sometimes those that are less immediately obvious, so it pays to have a specification checklist that’s on the long side. Make sure your list of must-haves for a digital bulk logistics solution includes the following:

Cloud technology

Cloud-based digital systems are delivered and stored over the internet, or ‘the cloud’ – a scalable, secure virtual space where a business’s software, databases, analytics and networks are saved and backed up. This means there’s no need to have or hire large, expensive physical servers on or offsite to host your IT systems, which considerably reduces the operational and staff costs associated with digitisation. Your business won’t need an in-house IT expert and is able to save on 24/7 server energy consumption.

And, since a cloud-based logistics optimisation solution is stored online, it’s accessible from any connected device, anywhere in the world. That’s not to say anyone can gain access though; cloud technology has been developed to offer robust multi-layered security, as well as virtually uninterrupted uptime.  

Our bulk logistics optimisation systems are based on market-leading Microsoft Azure cloud technology, with automatic backups, secure VPN connectivity and more certifications than any other cloud provider.

Multi-level functionality

Today, there are specialist digital management systems for virtually every type of logistics operation, as well as the option to commission a bespoke solution. Yet, investing in a specialist system could actually hamper rather than help business progression, especially if your bulk logistics firm provides services across multiple sectors or has plans to diversify its service offering.

Opting for a bulk logistics solution with multi-level functionality gives your business the digital support it needs with far more flexibility in terms of what you ship. For example, we have developed Podstar with a broad application across all logistics sectors, from oil and gas to aggregates, chemicals to waste. This adaptability enables you to branch out into delivering different sorts of bulk products without having to invest in a new system.

Then there’s the Podstar service module; a built-in feature that allows bulk logistics companies who provide a service, such as repairing pumps, to manage this alongside its haulage obligations within a single system.

Operational on any device

Advances in mobile computing and connectivity mean that the days of developing digital software for one type of device are well and truly over. Thanks to the smartphone boom, most of us now carry a sophisticated mobile computer with us everywhere we go, so choosing a logistics optimisation software that runs on one of these, as well as on built-for-purpose mobile computing hardware, can greatly improve system usability and cost-effectiveness.

Podstar works with Windows, Android or iOS operating systems, by way of an app on any connected device and in conjunction with other third-party software interfaces, so your business can deploy bulk logistics optimisation in a way that suits you.

Certain capabilities, like the ones mentioned here, are an important consideration for bulk logistics companies seeking digital solutions that will scale alongside their operations and offer room and flexibility for growth. Find out the other ways our logistics optimisation solutions can meet the criteria on your wish list by getting in touch today.  

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