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With over 40 years’ of identifying and meeting the complex needs of the fuel sector, Alpeco is acknowledged as a leading supplier of tanker metering and associated loading and unloading equipment for the downstream petroleum distribution market.

After becoming a member of the successful Flowmax Group in 1997, Alpeco’s product portfolio was further strengthened by the acquisition of Action Technical Products - manufacturers of the excellent Perrett range of Tanker Fittings and Actiman Bottom Loading equipment.

In addition to their extensive range of road tanker products, Alpeco are also able to offer a range of depot equipment such as bottom loading skids, depot intake meters, loading arms, transfer pumps, truck meters, chemical and stainless steel meters, industrial flow meters & LPG flow meters.

The Touchstar ’Fuelstar’ Electronic Proof of Delivery system is compatible with the latest generation Alpeco ’TEX’ flow computer, as well as its predecessor the ’Truck III’.

The display, keypad and all electronic circuitry of the TEX are contained in a single ATEX approved housing, which does not require a separate cab mounted CPU or external junction box. This provides more space in the cab and no cabling to run from the cab out to the register, a major time saver both in terms of installation and maintenance.

TEX is equipped with a programable, real time inventory which stores and monitors on-board grades and volumes. Coloured tank graphics remind the operator of compartment contents during the delivery set up process. Once a product has been selected only compartments containing the same grade can be opened, this prevents accidental opening of a wrong compartment and avoids costly cross contamination.

Multiple connectivity options such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and USB are available for enhanced communication and data transfer between the TEX and in-cab tablets, such as the Touchstar TS3300 ATEX device. Many fuel distributors have adopted this hardware combination to optimise their delivery operation. The current mutual client base includes Rix Petroleum, Carnegie Fuels, Lovell Fuels, AID Fuels and Corrib Oils.

Gordon Hyland, Sales Director for the Touchstar Fuel division, comments: ’Safety, reliability and excellent after sales service are always foremost in Alpeco’s thinking for the systems and equipment that they provide. This mirrors our own business philosophy and ensures that, together, we’re able to provide our mutual clients with turnkey solutions that are fit-for-purpose and resilient’.

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