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About Meller

Meller Flow Trans Limited was founded in 1960 by London based entrepreneur George Meller and was initially geared to provide engineering solutions to all elements of UK industry. Now based in Bradford, West Yorkshire, Meller Flow Trans has evolved to focus, and specialise, on engineered product transfer solutions for the Transport Industry. From liquid handling cargo pumps to high volume powder blowers, from simple hydraulics to specialist cryogenic metering systems, Meller can design, supply, install and service product transfer technology regardless of your market sector.

We specialise in all forms of liquid handling technology covering aggressive chemicals, petroleum’s, liquefied gases, food stuffs and lubes. Our large range of air moving products cover all elements of the dry bulk transport market including cements, animal feeds and pellets. ADR conversions and Safe Load Pass upgrades complete our ‘one stop shop’. No matter what you transport, from Aerosol Propellant to Xylene, we have the products and expertise to keep your vehicles and business working efficiently.

We are a British company committed to providing our customers engineered products and solutions that are both innovative and of the highest quality. With stock holding of over £1,000,000 and dedicated high specification workshops, for both new installations and service, we are well equipped to meet all the demands of the modern transport company.

Our range of LPG meters includes the 4D-MT positive displacement unit from Neptune and our state of the art pressure differential system, Flowcom 3000. The Neptune 4D-MT is a 2” mechanical meter combining Air Release unit and Differential Valve, it can be mounted with either a mechanical register or the industry preferred DFV100 digital register. The Flowcom meter system contains no moving parts and hence incurs no wear and requires no maintenance. Suitable for LPG, LNG and cryogenic air gases, they carry full European MID (weights & measures) approvals and are quite probably the most advanced liquefied gas meters available today.

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