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Unloading methodologies for bulk liquids

In addition to this website providing a succinct guide to Touchstar products and services we like to include wider background information on issues within the Fuel Logistics industry. Following on from our last posting in this section (a video by Greenergy on the safe delivery of petrol to retail forecourts, which is still selectable on the right of this page) we have posted a document on the methodology associated with the unloading of bulk liquids.

In no order of preference the 4 most common scenarios for unloading bulk liquids are:

  1. Bottom unloading by pump and vapour return
  2. Bottom discharge by pump without vapour return
  3. Bottom unloading by compressed air or inert gas
  4. Top Discharge

For each of these scenario’s the PDF (accessible via the button below) describes the key characteristics, main advantages and disadvantages and conditions for safe practice.

Unloading methodologies for bulk liquids (PDF Download)